Group Acting

Call for current location and times - $100 / 4 lessons


About the Instructor

Crystal Reiber is a clown, actress, and acting instructor. 


This class offers a fun encouraging atmosphere. Truly a safe place for an actor to grow.

Great for new actors looking to do more that extra work. Reasonably priced so you can learn & not break the bank. Class includes on camera practice time, learning to give a clean slate. Improve your first impression. Feel the copy as though it were your own words. Stretching your expectations & more.

This class is hands on for the actor who is just beginning or feeling rusty. 
Work on your facial expressions reactions and reflecting your fellow actor. Practice a natural approach to the read. 

We will record your auditions give you constructive improvements to make and help build your camera presence and confidence. 

Feel dumb asking questions ....not in this class. We all are here to learn and make the Northwest a great place to find actors with passion for film. 

Ages 15 and up (14 and under by interview)

  • Call for Current Location and Times
  • $100/4 lessons

Limit 8 students

Conctact Crystal:

4 classes $100 Start attending our On-Going group classes at any time. You will be greeted with a smile and honest feedback. Weather you just decided to try acting for the first time or are an old pro, you’ll learn something new while you stretch & grow.

Feel the inspiration & get a work out with an Acting Center group class. Meet others who have a passion for the camera, TV and stage. Build confidents & practice speaking naturally in front of others. Group skits, Improv exercises, costumes & laughter await you. Are you truly giving the director what he’s looking for? Body language, attitude, listening, comprehension & a natural delivery are keys to acting success. Practice does make a difference! Get the good, the bad, and the ugly on camera in class instead of at that audition. Find out why you may not be getting that call back. Take this class seriously and see the serious difference in your presentation. The Acting Center is dedicated to helping you present your best. Get great honest advice for building your resume, advertising yourself & have some serious fun in the process!

We all leave a lasting impression make sure it’s the right one.

"I met Crystal in an acting class we took together in 2005 and have had the opportunity to sit in on a few of her classes since then. She is one of those Glass half full types…always a smile on her face and a positive thought. She knows the business inside and out and has enough motivation to share with all. She is also  especially helpful in getting auditions for her students when they come up. I call her my fairy godmother as she is always getting me auditions for this and that. I would highly recommend her acting classes to anyone , beginner or advanced."

- Clint Crawford