Acting Events

Private Lessons $35/hour & 1/2 hr lessons are available for $18.00.

Call for current schedule and location

PHONE: 208-704-2767



These lessons are especially designed for the young aspiring actor! Learning how to audition for film and commercials while building character & self esteem.


Fun focus time, Memory games, Identifying & copying Emotions, lots of praise and encouragement for effort and over coming fears. Story telling and imagination builders. Kids will begin to understand their emotions and have better self control. While learning to identify appropriate behavior for different life situations. They in return can begin to naturally display the appropriate emotion on command during a commercial or on a film set.

A very practical enthusiastic teaching style is our approach. Each activity is delivered as structured play, designed to build responsibility, self esteem, focus and character in every young actor.

A safe environment grows success! Parents are welcome in class and encouraged to try the acting exercises at home with their children. Your child’s open heart to try and try again is worth more to us and the director than getting it right the first time around. Every child needs attention, look for those tiny moments of greatness and focus your attention on their efforts to try. We can all learn something from children who are able to let go and play!


  • Ages: 6 and up. (younger by interview)
  • Your child's work will be available on video.
  • Private Lessons $35/hour
  • Length of class is determined by your child's attention span.
  • 1/2 hr lessons are available for $18.00.