Private Lessons

Private Lessons $35 / hour


Offers experienced training for intermediate actors looking to take their acting to a new level.

  • Need help practing for an Audition?
  • Getting Ready to give a Speech?
  • Need help with a Monolog?
  • Are you afraid of Public Speeking?
  • Are you Camera Shy?

These classes bring out your best. Develop confindence and the ability to grab your audience's attention. Explore some new creative choices and get simple tips that are custom fit for you.


 Private Lessons $35 / hour

On Set Coaching also available

$35hr Get a personal trainer for your Acting Career? Schedule a Private lessons for an intense work out. We will focus on your needs and define your strengths. Perfect your acting presentation. Body language makes up for about 90 percent of our communication. Learn to make natural movements and say what you mean with your eyes, facial expressions, tone of voice & attitude. The progress you’ll see will keep you coming back for more. Great training for public speakers, business presentations, teachers, lawyers, entertainers & musicians etc Be a fine tuned instrument ready for action!